When you join our apprenticeship programme, one of our main aims is to support you to achieve the knowledge, skills and understanding to develop and progress your career.

When people start an apprenticeship with us, they invariably believe they ‘just have a job’ not ‘a career’ and they see that ‘just a job’ as something they do to earn money, to buy the things they need or want, not a way to achieve goals for the future.

We ask our apprentices to see their jobs, their past and current experiences and their apprenticeship as stepping stones to the career and life they want, as career opportunities.

Don’t get me wrong having a career takes work.  The jobs you need to take in the early years of your career, may require you to work hard and be poorly paid, but with the right attitude and qualifications you can meet your goals and progress into more interesting and better paid jobs, it may take a while but you can get there.

Tips for managing your career

  • Set career and learning goals, regularly plan for and review your goals
  • Recognise the importance of lifelong learning, apprenticeships, short courses, e-learning, shadowing mentors……
  • Find a work/life balance that works for you and your career
  • Volunteer work is good for the soul and potentially good for your career
  • Recognise and develop relationships with potential mentors
  • Remember your goals will change as you mature, or as other opportunities show themselves, don’t be rigid, review and assess frequently




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