Safeguarding & Welfare

The Children’s Act 1989: Agencies and organisations working with young or vulnerable adults take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to the individual’s welfare are minimised.  Although Work Based Learning Providers, such as ourselves, have not been specifically named in the Children’s Act it is our duty to safeguard and protect, we have a common law duty of care to take such steps that the young/vulnerable adult/learner(s) are safe at all times.  You can access our safeguarding policy by following the link Vision Training’s Policies

Where a learner is neither a child, nor a vulnerable adult we still have a responsibility to protect their welfare.  Learner welfare is a broader concept than safeguarding and looks at wellbeing and happiness, as well as the idea of safety.

Vision Training (North East) Ltd recognises that caring for the welfare of learners does not just mean within the workplace, but also means to be able to identify and act on problems outside of the learner’s work, for example when they are attending sessions with ourselves.  To help with this responsibility we have a signposting page which can be accessed via the main menu or by following this link.  Signposting Welfare Services

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The safeguarding and welfare out of office hours mobile no is in your Welcome to VTNE booklet or you can contact your Tutor/Assessor for details.

Awareness Calendar

To support UK community involvement we thought it may be useful to share a link to the awareness days calendar

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