L3 – Unit 20 – ICO2 – Causes and Spread of Infection – Work Book

Unit summary – Knowledge Unit – 2 credits

This unit is to enable the learner to understand the causes of infection and common illnesses that may result as a consequence. To understand the difference between both infection and colonisation and pathogenic and nonpathogenic organisms, the areas of infection and the types caused by different organisms. In addition, the learner will understand the methods of transmission, the conditions needed for organisms to grow, the ways infection enter the body and key factors that may lead to infection occurring.

Download workbooks and unit information & guidance

Please find below links to work books and unit information. Remember to complete the workbooks on your computer you will need to enable the typewriter in the tools menu of your adobe acrobat reader.

Your work book to print out or complete using the typewriter feature: L2 – Unit 22 – ICO 2 – Causes and Spread of Infection – Work Book

Unit Information & guidance to print out or look at on your computer: L2 – Unit 022 – ICO 2 – Causes and Spread of Infection – Unit Information

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