Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Use of Medicines

This qualification aims to develop knowledge of the safe handling of medicines within a health and social care context. Learners will develop an understanding of their responsibilities and the procedures they should follow when handling medicines.

There are 4 Units:
– Understand medication and prescriptions, this gives an introduction to the many types of medication learners are likely to encounter in a work environment. It introduces some of the legislation about medication and sources of information and guidance

Supply, storage and disposal of medication, provides learners with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the requirements for safe handling, storage and disposal of medication and the roles and responsibilities of staff in relation to these procedures.

Understand the requirements for the safe administration of medication, provides learners with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the safe administration of medication. It covers the processes, routes and methods of administration and some of the more common side effects and adverse reactions to medication.

– Record-keeping and audit processes for medication administration and storage, provides an opportunity for learners to develop an understanding of the audit process, the records that must be maintained regarding the administration of medicines and issues of accountability, responsibility and confidentiality.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the safe use of medicines.


Candidates will be supplied with

  • Course Workbook
  • Hand‐outs
  • Research Guidance
  • A dedicated knowledgeable assessor

These resources will assist the learner by guiding their learning and supporting them to gather the necessary evidence to attain this level 2 qualification.

Learners will need to attend regular sessions with their assessor, where information and guidance will be given, targets set and evaluated and assessment of evidence gathered by the learner will take place.  We find this personalised regular contact ensures a good working relationship with between the learner and assessor and helps maintain our excellent attainment levels.

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