Apprenticeship in Health & Social Care – Level 2 & 3

We want people to enter their workplaces proud to say that they have a BTEC Apprenticeship and that they gained this by studying with Vision Training North East.

“BTEC Apprenticeships are more than just a bunch of qualifications, they are a complete solution” and are focused on developing employability skills from the earliest stage.

Within the new requirements for Apprenticeships in England, we are now required to formally assess Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR).

PLTS – Research tells us that there are six characteristics that employers consistently say they want from apprenticeships, Edexcel have developed a qualification that addresses all those needs.

  • Independent thinkers
  • Creative minds
  • Reflective learners
  • Team Workers
  • Self Managers
  • Effective participants

ERR – Employed Apprentices need to be aware of their rights and obligations to ensure that the legal rights both for themselves and their employer are met. Learners undtaking an Apprenticeship are required to demonstrate their knowledge of ERR in order for them to complete the Apprenticeship framework.

Apprenticeship Packages offered by Vision Training North East:

Children and Young Peoples Workforce Advanced Apprenticeship comprices:

  • Level Three Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Application of Number
  • Communication

Health and Social Care Apprenticeship (Adults England)

  • Level Two Diploma
  • Application of Number
  • Communication

Health and Social Care Advanced Apprenticeship (Adults England)

  • Level Three Diploma
  • Application of Number
  • Communication

We have signed up to the Edexcel BTEC Apprenticeship concept, will you?

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