Rachel B – Learner Support Case Study

Rachel B was a learner who was completing a level 3 apprenticeship in Health and Social Care, she had quite complex learning needs as she lacked confidence, had mental health issues, needed constant bolstering to motivate her to learn.  During the apprenticeship she also had a mini breakdown, the qualification was put on hold, whilst she recovered.

Rachel identified a few outcomes she wanted from the programme, the two main ones being

  • Having the confidence in her abilities and knowledge so she could apply for jobs that would give her a better chance of promotion and happiness.
  • To complete a unit on pressure area care, which she had a little experience in, so she needed training and support from myself as an assessor and from her employer as a partner organisation, to bring her skills and knowledge to the required level.

The Deputy Manager agreed to work with her to show her the company paperwork involved in pressure area care and also agreed that Rachel could shadow her when completing pressure area care to build her knowledge, and once both she and Rachel were confident with her knowledge and understanding, Rachel to take the lead on providing support for residents in the home, this happened over a period of 6 months.

I agreed to supply Rachel with information and training on pressure area care so she would better understand the physiology of the skin in relation to pressure sores, risk assessment processes and aids and equipment used, we carried out research on-line, I sourced videos on different types of pressure sores and their treatments, supplied her with unit information.

With this integrated partnership approach, Rachel gained an excellent understanding of supporting residents with pressure area care, she produced some great answers in her workbook and displayed good working practices when I observed her carrying out the support, she passed this unit with flying colours and told me she felt a real sense of achievement when we signed the unit off.

During her official break in learning I still saw her 3 weekly for short periods of time to offer her encouragement and work with her to complete small sections of the workbooks, she later told me this played a large part in her recovery, she had something other than her problems to concentrate on and that her goal to complete the apprenticeship and find new employment was still achievable.

The day we signed off her apprenticeship, some 20 months after signing up she was ecstatic!  She told me she felt a real sense of achievement and that she felt a lot more confident in her abilities.

Rachel has since had the confidence to go for and attain a new job in health and social care in a Nursing Home with an excellent reputation, having her level 3 qualification helped her to attain the position.  She is flourishing in this environment where no-one knows about the difficulties she has had over the past 2 years.

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