Progress Review Policy

1.      Policy Statement

Vision Training (North East) Limited it committed to continually monitoring the progress of all its learners.   Progress monitoring is an essential component in determining the effectiveness of instruction and learning and in recognising that there will be times when learners will need assistance and intervention in order to succeed in their chosen program of study.

2.      Purpose

Having structured, regular, scheduled progress review meetings with learners, employer representatives and assessors, enables assessment of progression against targets agreed in the preceding period, effective agreement of new short and long term targets for learners, identifies areas of development opportunities and learning need, provides openings for discussion of equality, diversity and safeguarding topics and is an essential factor maintaining our excellent retention and attainment figures.

Overall, the use of progress monitoring reviews results in more efficient and appropriately targeted instructional techniques and targets, which together, move all learners to effective, timely attainment of their learning and development goals.

3.      Scope

All employees involved in the learning, development and assessment of learners and in ensuring the quality of service provision.

4.      Roles and Responsibilities

Vision Training (North East) is responsible for ensuring that all employees involved in the process of progress reviews receive appropriate training, supervision and support regarding the policy and their responsibilities.

Manager’s Responsibility The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that a copy of this document is available to all employees and that the policy and procedures are reviewed annually.

The Operations Director and Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring the adherence of this policy by all employees.

The Development Manager is responsible for ensuring the policy is available to learners and employers on the web site.

The Business Support Manager is responsible for auditing the completion of review documentation. Checking for timely and accurate completion.

Individual’s Responsibility Individual employees are required to act in accordance with the policy and its associated procedures, to enable appropriate development and support to the learner(s), failure to do so may be considered as an act of misconduct and may result in disciplinary action.

5.      Policy Implementation – Procedures

Assessors must schedule the first progress review meeting with the learner, the learner’s employer and the assessor, within the first four weeks of the programme and the scheduled and actual date must be entered on the learners Individual Learning Plan (as must all subsequent scheduled and actual dates).

There is a guide for completion of the progress review, this is available electronically on the shared drive and in paper format within the assessor’s guide in the library. This guide must be followed by all assessors and kept up to date by the Business Support Manager and/or the Development Manager.

Progress reviews need to be copied once complete, one copy remains in the portfolio as part of the individual learning plan and another is placed in the learner’s brown file.

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