Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

1.   Policy Statement

Vision Training (North East) Ltd is committed to supporting it’s learners to identify and complete qualifications that fulfil their full potential and meet their individual, personal and professional needs.

We will ensure that the processes of informing, advising and guiding learners are accorded a high priority, and are recognised as being crucial in enabling learners to make decisions regarding the opportunities and challenges of adult and working life.

2.   Policy Aims

Our aim is to provide appropriate impartial Information Advice and Guidance service to potential candidates, current learners and employers at the initial contact and recruitment phase, through the induction process, whilst they participate on programmes, and on exit from programmes.

3.   Policy Objectives

Although not a member of The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) we will work within some of the guiding principles of this organisation in the coherent provision of Information, advice and guidance.

We will endeavour to make our IAG provision

  • Easily accessible, timely, visible and well defined in an understandable format
  • Is delivered by employees who have sufficient training and knowledge  
  • Provide accessible links to a range of specialist, supportive agencies.
  • Ensure the equality of opportunity to quality reviewed IAG, delivered to meet needs.
  • Ensure IAG meets the diverse needs of candidates, learners and their employers
  • Provide impartial, confidential and needs focussed IAG
  • Responsive, friendly and enabling provision awareness

4.0    Definitions

4.1          Definition of Information

Information is data conveyed via contact through face-to-face, individual, group or class interaction, which is verbalised, written or printed, through different media including booklets, ICT software, and websites and so on.

 4.2          Definition of Advice

Advice involves:

  • Helping candidates and learners to understand and interpret information
  • Providing information and answers to questions
  • Clarifying misunderstandings
  • Understanding candidates and learners circumstances, abilities and targets
  • Advising candidates and learners on their options or how to go about a given course of action
  • Identifying needs and signposting or referring candidates and learners who may need more in-depth guidance and support. 

4.3          Definition of Guidance

Guidance aims to support candidates and learners to:

  • Better understand themselves and their needs
  • Confront barriers to understanding, learning and progression
  • Resolve issues and conflicts
  • Develop new perspectives and solutions to problems and be able to better manage their lives and achieve their potential.

5.      Implementation of the policy – Procedures

Vision Training (North East) Limited’s provision of IAG will be open to the local community and will reflect candidates’ and learners’ present and future needs.  Clients will be made aware of any IAG relevant and available to them.

It wilI encourage them to engage successfully with VTNE and its client facing employees and will encourage and support them to become lifelong learners by enabling them to access and use information to plan their personal development and careers.

5.1          Vision Training (North East) provides IAG in the form of:

      • Information of opportunities and programmes in relation to the various roles carried out in the provision of social care in the community
      • Guidance on the right qualification following an assessment of candidate needs and preferences
      • Pastoral support and guidance on-programme to assist retention of learners and their timely completion of the qualification.
      • Information available from our partner colleges – New College Durham & Derwentside College
      • Information and advice on career enhancement or other training options during and on completing the qualification
      • Employees with the relevant knowledge and experience.

 Implementation of the policy is embed throughout the business processes.  Vision Training (North East) Limited provides:

5.2          Access to information, advice and guidance on adult education, training, qualification unit topics and personal development in a range of formats at key stages of the potential and actual candidate/learner journey they all receive or are given the opportunity to receive

      • Aninitialassessment and discussion of qualifications open to them to meet their needs
      • An Individual Learning Plan that documents their agreed specific needs, for their chosen qualification.
      • Individualsession to receivepersonal developmentinformationadviceandguidance.
      • Individual 8 weekly review meetingsat which they are offeredimpartialIAG to enable agreement of targets and objectives, are given formative feedback and are supplied with referral advice if required.
      • IAG during their regular 2 to 4 weekly meetings with their assessors on qualification, units, development and any work or social issues they may be experiencing.
      • Receive IAG information on progression and career development advice at end of training, including if required referral to careers advice professionals.

5.3          A team of qualified and trained assessors (and trainee assessors) or other professional to

      • Discuss candidate needs and aspirations
      • Plan for the achievement of their objectives
      • Provide IAG and training for their qualification
      • Provide an opportunity to review and revisit qualification and personal development goals and objectives.

5.4          Signposting to other agencies who may be able to help candidates/learners and employers in achieving their goals or to assist them with specific difficulties they may be experiencing

5.5          Quality provision of IAG in various formats both written and verbal.  Written information is checked to ensure the principles of plain English are applied and assessors are subject to quality checks by their line managers which include observation of working practices with candidates and learners. For example Learners are provided with a Learner Information Booklet that provides a wide range of IAG including contact information for organisations that can provide specialist IAG.

5.6          Equality of opportunity to quality reviewed IAG.  All IAG supplied is subject to Vision Training (North Easts) Equal Opportunity Policy and quality processes including evaluation and continuous improvement.

5.7          IAG that meets the diverse needs of candidates, learners and their employers.  In the past this has taken the format of written information in different formats for individuals with learning needs, physical disabilities, dyslexia and the use of BSL or language translators for verbal IAG.  These types of provision are reactive to individual assessed needs.

5.8          Impartial IAG that supports candidates and learners to make informed decisions about learning, employment issues and personal problems based on their needs and circumstances, with private rooms to maintain confidentiality if required.

5.9       Responsibilities

5.9.1      Assessors

Assessors are responsible for delivering quality IAG in their sessions with learners and meeting with employers

5.9.2      Operational Team Leaders

Operational Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring the quality of delivery of IAG by their assigned teams of assessors to include observation of working practices, identification of areas that need improvement and leading of agreement of actions plans for improvements.

5.9.3      Business Support Manager

The Business Support Manager is responsible for ensuring sufficient stock levels of IAG materials.

5.9.4      Development Manager

The Development Manager is responsible for the provision and quality of qualification specific IAG materials

5.9.5      Operational Director

The Operational Director is responsible for the implementation of the policy

5.9.6      Managing Director

The Managing Director is responsible for this policy

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