Individual Learning Plans Policy

1.      Policy Statement

Vision Training (North East) Limited believes that Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) help to ensure that we meet our legal and ethical obligations to our learners in relation to individualisation of support and equality, diversity & inclusion.

ILPs are one of the key documents used to identifying and to record potential barriers to learning and development and promoting discussion and implementation of agreed actions to reduce or eliminate barriers as far as reasonably possible. They also identify strengths to build the confidence and self-esteem of learners and provide learners and their assessors with the opportunity to commence the building of effective working relationships and begin the process of agreeing SMART targets.

2.      Purpose

Alongside initial assessments and reviews ILPs provide the learner and their assessor with a framework to ensure that

  • The explicit needs of all learners are identified
  • Reasonable adjustments of needs are identified
  • Reasonable adjustments are discussed and agreed
  • Reasonable adjustments are implemented

To enable learners to access the right course, at the right level, with the right level of support and guidance and ensure this continues throughout the learner’s qualification journey by meeting their training and educational needs.

Reasonable adjustments can include

  • matching resources to learning styles and needs
  • matching assessors to learners
  • ensuring appropriate assessment methods are used
  • applying for special considerations with awarding bodies as appropriate (see Guidance on Special Arrangements and Considerations document and the Special Arrangements and Considerations Policy document

3.      Scope

All employees that carry out roles that include assessment, quality and signup.

4.      Roles and Responsibilities

Vision Training (North East) is responsible for ensuring that all employees involved in the completion or ILPs receive appropriate training, supervision and support regarding the policy and their responsibilities.

Manager’s Responsibility The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that a copy of this document is available to all employees and that the policy and procedures are reviewed annually.

The Operations Director and Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring the adherence of this policy by all employees

The Development Manager is responsible for ensuring the policy is available to learners and employers on the web site.

Individual’s Responsibility Individual employees are required to act in accordance with the policy, to enable appropriate support to the learner(s), failure to do so may be considered as an act of misconduct and may result in disciplinary action.

5.      Policy Implementation – Procedures

All learners must have an ILP, which is started in the first meeting between the learner and their assessor.

The ILP is a working document, which must be kept up to date by the assessor in conjunction with the learner and kept within the learner’s portfolio for easy access.

There is an assessors guide for completion of the ILP, this is available electronically on the shared drive and in paper format within the assessor’s guide in the library. This guide must be followed by all assessors and kept up to date by the Business Support Manager and/or the Development Manager.

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