Comments, Commendations and Complaints Policy

    1. Policy Statement

Vision Training (North East) Ltd is committed to working with its customers and employees to continually improve its services and it sees comments, commendations, suggestions and complaints as an integral part of this process.

     2. Policy Aims

The aim of the policy is to

2.1 Recognise good service through the recording of compliments and acknowledge what we have done well;

2.2 Drive the improvement of services we provide to customers by responding positively to comments, complaints and suggestions and, where appropriate, making changes to the way in which we deliver services;

2.3 Promote a consistent approach to handling comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions that is easy for customers and staff to use.  

        3. Definitions

3.1 Definition of a Compliment

An expression of satisfaction with a service the Company provides. This could be satisfaction with an individual member of staff, team or a particular service area.

3.2 Definition of a Suggestion

A remark made about a particular aspect of a service which can be used to improve future service delivery.

3.3 Definition of a Comment

A remark made about a service, including the quality of the service or the means by which it is delivered.

3.4 Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service, action or lack of action by the Company or its employees which affects an individual or group of customers

         4. Implementation of the policy – Procedures

All Customers will receive a Compliment, Complaint, Comment or Suggestion Form (Customer).

All employees will receive a Compliment, Comment or Suggestion Form (Employee) as part of the documentation they receive on induction into the company.

Compliments, Complaint, Comment or Suggestion can be made either by:

  •  Completion of forms
  •  Verbally
    • In person
    • Over the telephone – 01642 673255
  • In Writing
    • By e-mail –
    • By letter –          Vision Training (North East) Ltd, 12 Yarm Road, Stockton on Tees.  TS18 3NA

Where a form has not been used the person receiving the compliment, complaint, comment or suggestion is responsible for the completion of a Compliment, Complaint, Comment or Suggestion Form (Customer) form.

4.1 Complaints

Stage 1  

4.1.1.       Complaint is received

4.1.2.       Form (appendix 1) completed by the receiver if the complaint is not already in this format

4.1.3.       Complaint is logged into the Compliments, Complaints, Comments and Suggestion Log.

4.1.4.       Receiver or Operations Director attempts to resolve the complaint informally

4.1.5.       If the complaint is resolved the log is updated and closed out, if the complaint is not resolved move to Stage 2

Stage 2

4.1.6.       Contact with the complainant within 2 working days of receiving the complaint

4.1.7.       Operation Director investigates the complaint

4.1.8.       Contact with the complainant with the results of the investigation within 10 working days OR Contact with the complainant within 10 working days if the investigation and actions to be taken are incomplete


Within 28 working days with results of the investigation

4.1.9.       If the complainant is satisfied with result of the  investigation, update complaint form, log and close complaint, else Stage 3

Stage 3

4.1.10.    Complainant is not satisfied with the Operation Director’s investigation and actions – Contact with the complainant advising them that the complaint is now at stage 3 – within 2 working days

4.1.11.    Managing Director reviews the investigation and action(s) taken

4.1.12.    Managing Director sends letter to the complainant with details of their conclusion within 20 working days

4.1.13.    If complainant is not satisfied dependant on the type of complaint advised to contact Awarding Body (Edexcel) or New College Durham as appropriate, who will be provided of details of the investigation(s) and meetings and proposed/taken actions and outcomes

4.2 Compliments, Comments & Suggestions

Within 5 working days of receipt of a compliment, comment or suggestion, contact with the person will be made to acknowledge receipt.

Any suggestions or comments that result in a change in Vision Training (North East) Ltd.’s procedures will be acknowledged in either the initial acknowledgement contact or in further contact with the person.

Compliments will be shared with the individual or teams mentioned and a copy of the letter stored in their file(s).

A log of the compliment, comment or suggestion will be kept in the Compliment, Complaints, Comments and Suggestions file.

4.3 Training

As part of employee induction and on-going training the complaints process will be discussed to enable employees (as appropriate to their role) to:

  • ·         Understand the complaints procedure and how it works;
  • ·         Know how to handle progress and resolve concerns and complaints.

4.4 Reporting / Reviews

All correspondence will be logged in the Compliments, Complaints, Comments and Suggestions Log.

The Operation Director will report Compliments, Complaints, Comments and Suggestions in the Management Meetings on a regular basis on the number of complaints at each stage, the decisions and any learning points and make available the Compliment, complaints, comments and suggestions log.

The Management team will use these learning points to consider potential changes to the way that services are delivered and to continually improve the service provided.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints (Client)

Comments, Compliments and Complaints (Employee)

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Flow Chart

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