Assessment Malpractice Policy

1.  Policy Statement

Vision Training (North East) Ltd is committed to ensuring that issues of malpractice in internal and external examinations and assessments are addressed.

Malpractice consists of those acts which undermine the integrity and validity of assessment, the certification of qualifications and/or damage the authority of those responsible for conducting the assessment and certification. This refers to acts and omissions made by employees or learners/candidates involved with the assessment process.

2.      Purpose

2.1       To identify and minimise the risk of malpractice by staff or learners.
2.2       To respond to any incident of alleged malpractice promptly and objectively.
2.3       To standardise and record any investigation of malpractice to ensure openness and fairness.
2.4       To impose appropriate penalties and/or sanctions on learners or staff where incidents (or attempted incidents) of malpractice are proven.
2.5       To protect the integrity of this centre and BTEC qualifications.

3.      Scope

This policy applies to:

  • Employees
  • Learners registered for a qualification through Edexcel
  • Attendees on Certified VTNE training courses

Where awarding bodies have their own published procedures these will take precedent over this policy.


4.      Roles and Responsibilities

4.1     Directors Responsibilities

4.1.1    Directors will seek to avoid potential malpractice by using the induction period and the student handbook to inform learners of the centre’s policy on malpractice and the penalties for attempted and actual incidents of malpractice.

4.1.2    Conduct an investigation in a form commensurate with the nature of the malpractice allegation. Such an investigation will be supported by Liz Place, Head of Centre and all personnel linked to the allegation.

 4.2     Assessor/Trainers/Invigilator/IQA Responsibilities  

4.2.1    To comply with and uphold the policy and related procedures.

4.2.2    To signpost learners/candidates to either the paper or online copy of the policy and ensure compliance through robust assessment and IQA procedures.

4.2.3    Show learners the appropriate formats to record cited texts and other materials or information sources.

4.2.4    Ask learners to declare that their work is their own.

4.2.5    Ask learners to provide evidence that they have interpreted and synthesised appropriate information and acknowledged any sources used.

 4.3     Learners/candidates Responsibilities

4.3.1    To read and comply with the policy and procedures

4.3.2    Produce authentic evidence in the appropriate formats

4.3.3    Sign authenticity statements for their work

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