Our Policies & Procedures


policiesAt Vision Training we are committed to ensuring the quality of training & development, meeting our social and legal responsibilities and safeguarding our employees, students and visitors.

We have Policies & Procedures to cover most concerns. These are monitored and kept up-to-date and in-line with UK laws, awarding body and OFSTED regulations and requirements.

Policies that are relevant to our employer partners and students can be accessed below, whilst personnel policies are stored on a secure platform but will be made available on receipt of a valid request.

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While we make policies available to view via PDF format, should you wish to obtain these in another format such as Microsoft Word of in larger print, then please do contact us to let us know.

Accidents at Work Policy V1.1

Anti-Bribery Policy V1.2

Assessment Appeals Policy V1.2

Assessment Malpractice Policy V2.1

Assessment Policy 2.2

Business Continuity, Emergency & Critical Incident Plan V2

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy V2

Confidentiality Policy V2

Document Retention Schedule – reviewed 09.18

Disclosing and Barring Policy V1.1

Data Protection Policy V2

Employer Engagement Policy V1.1

Equality and Diversity Policy V2

Freedom of Expression Policy V1.1

Harassment & Bullying Policy V2.1

Health & Safety Policy V1.2

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Individual Learning Plan Policy V1.1

Information, Advice and Guidance Policy V1.2

Initial Assessment Policy & Procedure V1.2

Prevent Policy V2.2

Progress Review Policy V1.3

Quality Assurance Policy V2

Records Management and Retention Policy V1.2

Recruitment & Selection Policy V2.1

Safeguarding Policy V1.1

Special Assessment Needs Policy V1.1

Sustainability Policy V1.2

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